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Logo esonda September, 19th-20th-21st 2018
Opening hours: 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.

Programme 2017

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Programme 2017 - Being updated

20 SEPTEMBER, Wednesday - 10.00 - 13.30


National Conference on Hydrogeological Dissidence 3.0


Blu Room
I Session:  The National Plan for the mitigation of hydrogeological risk  
Coordinators: Endro Martini e Filippo Maria Soccodato


Blue Room
II Session: New approaches and development models for land management
Coordinators: Francesco A. Violo, Endro Martini, Filippo Maria Soccodato

Agorà Room
Official Presentation and Press Conference of RIGENERA CITY: Urban Regeneration and Sociale Housing

Coordination by: RemTech Expo and ACER
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Agorà Room
Tape Cutting - Graduation Awards Ceremony  

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20 SEPTEMBER, Wednesday  - 13.30 -17.30


Room C
Starting Conference Life primes Project
Coordinated by:  Civil Protection Agency Emilia Romagna Region


Blu Room
III Session: The management and maintenance of the territory at risk 
Coordinators: Stefano Fait, Massimo Gargano, Fernando Nardi


Blu Room
IV Session:  Two years of application of the DPCM 28 May 2015 "Criteria and ways of allocating of the resources
to mitigating hydrogeological risk ": evaluations, emerging criticisms and suggestions for improvement
Coordinators: Michele Torsello, Emilio Iannerelli

21 SEPTEMBER - Thursday - 10.00 -13.30


Guidelines for designing landslide mitigation interventions


Plenary Room
I Session: Design 
Coordinators: Leonardo Cascini,Vera Corbelli, Bernardo de Bernardinis

Plenary Room
II Session : Interventions
Coordinators: Leonardo Cascini, Vera Corbelli, Bernardo de Bernardinis 


21 SEPTEMBER - Thursday - 14.30 - 17.30


Plenary Room
Session: Exceptional Natural Events - Atmosphere-slope interaction

Coordinator: Patrizia Ercoli, Franco Violo


Plenary Room
II Session:Session: Presentation of the International School on Land and Environmental Monitoring
Networking Cocktail

Coordinator: Silvia Paparella, Filippo Soccodato


22 SEPTEMBER - Friday - 10.00 - 13.30


SMART RIVERS 2017 International Conference  


Blu Room
I Session : Diked Rivers - Policy and Management
Coordinators: Endro Martini e Filippo M. Soccodato, Michela Miletto


Blu Room
II Session: Dikes- Design and Construction

Coordinators: Armando Brath, Guido Gottardi

22 SEPTEMBER - Friday - 14.30 - 18.00

Red Room

Responsibility for Civil Protection Agency

Coordinated by: Civil Protection Agency Emilia Romagna Region

Blu Room
III Session: Dikes - Performance and Maintenance
Coordinators: Armando Brath, Guido Gottardi 

Blu Room
IV Session: Smart Rivers UNESCO AltaScuola RemTech Awards
Coordinators: Endro Martini e Filippo M. Soccodato, Pasquale Salvatore, Fernando Nardi


23 SEPTEMBER - Saturday - 8.15-12.30

Technical Visit to Hydraulic Implants in collaboration with Consorzio di Bonifica Pianura di Ferrara
Download the Programme and the Application form  (deadline 4th September)


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