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Workshop - The waste management plan and the tools to support the selective demolition - 2nd session

Wednesday, 21. September 2016, 14:00 - 16:00



Environmental minimum requirements for public works became mandatory after the publication of the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment 24/12/2015, L. 221/2015 and the Public Procurement Code (D.lgs. 50/2016). Every refurbishment, maintenance and demolishing activity must be carried on only after the presentation to the Public Authorities of two reports: a pre-demolition audit and a demolition plan. After the identification of the different type of materials with a selective demolition, it will be mandatory to separate the different type of wastes produced in the demolition yards and to recycle them with a rate greater than 70%. The designers and the demolition enterprises will need new tools to support the selective demolition and particularly: the quantification of the waste arising from the dismantling operations and the demolition activities; the disposal or recovery processes; the costs for the disposal or the recovery activities. The workshop wants to make the state of art and to present some new tools to support the selective demolition and to fulfill all the new requirements of the legislation.


14.00 The technical tools to support the selective demolition

Ivan Poroli, NAD


14.10 The waste management plan: the legislative framework in the light of the DM 24/12/2015

Paola Altamura, Sapienza Università di Roma


14.30 Innovation in pre-demolition technologies for an initial general survey of the building

Roberto Bracaglia, Emanuele Figliozzi, Geores srl


14.50 Software tools to support waste demolition plans

Antonio Bottaro, Geoweb


15.10 A case-study

Paolo Tininini, Corbat srl

Location : Inertia Room
Organized by : NAD



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