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Workshop - The use of manufactured aggregates derived from Incineration Bottom Ashes (IBA) - 2nd session

Thursday, 22. September 2016, 14:00 - 16:00



The workshop will be an opportunity for discussing Italy’s current situation of the recovery of Incineration Bottom Ashes (IBA). The needs of the recyclers and opportunities for the users will be take into account and recognise to offer to the sector better perspectives. At the moment the use of IBA for the production of manufactured aggregates needs clear rules to promote the quality of the final products and tools (both technical and economical), to drive more widespread development. ANPAR, upon the request of its European Association (FIR), had recently dedicated a branch of the association to the enterprises that produce manufactured aggregates form the treatment of IBA. In some member States the sector is well established, while in others (like Italy) it must be improved: this will be a new challenge for the next years and ANPAR wants to represent this industrial sector. 


14.00 Presentation of the workshop

Mario Sunseri, ANPAR


14.10 The recovery of IBA in Europe

Geert Cuperus, FIR


14.30 Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Italian IBA and recovery opportunities

Francesco LombardiUniversità degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”


14.50 The point of view of the producer of IBA.The experience of Herambiente

Sergio Baroni, Herambiente


15.10 The experience of Vibeco group in the treatment of IBA

Giampaolo Volpe, Vibeco


15.30 CE marking of manufactured aggregates

Massimo De Vincentiis, ABCert


15.50 Discussion and conclusions

Location : Inertia Room
Organized by : ANPAR



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