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Logo remtech September, 19th-20th-21st 2018
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Workshop - The production of manufactured aggregates from the treatment of contaminated soils by soil-washing and bioremediation and from the recovery of blast furnace slags - 2nd session

Thursday, 22. September 2016, 16:00 - 18:00




Since 2000 ANPAR is the association of the producers of recycled aggregates, i.e. the materials recovered from the building wastes, but in the last years it also represents the recyclers of different types of waste (hazardous and not hazardous) who produce manufactured aggregates, i.e. aggregates of mineral origin resulting from an industrial process involving thermal or other modification. The mistrust of the users can represent an insurmountable obstacle for the marketing of manufactured aggregates, especially if the End of waste criteria are not sure and clear. In such situation the producers must have under strict control the entire process of recovery. Manufactured aggregates can be marketed only if accompanied by a Declaration Of Performance (DOP) and CE marking according to European Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011. In the workshop will be presented some recovery technologies of wastes generated during remediation activities (soil-washing or bioremediation) or by the steel production and the controls on the manufactured aggregates.


16.00 Introduction

Nicola Mondini, ANPAR


16.20 The legislative framework of the recovery of wastes for the production of manufactured aggregates

Mara Chilosi, Chilosi Martelli Studio Legale Associato


16.40 The production of manufactured aggregates resulting from soil-washing process: from contaminated soils to construction products

Francesco Minghetti, SEMP Srl


17.00 New types of manufactured aggregates form bioremediation processes

Mauro Galvagno, Rovereta Srl


17.20 The use of manufactured aggregates resulting from the recovery of blast furnace slags

Gianluca Gamba, DI.MA. Srl


17.40 The production of manufactured aggregates from urban waste treatment

Giovanni Schillaci, Remediation

Luca Lanzoni, University of Modena


18.00 CE marking and analytical controls on manufactured aggregates

Pasquale Zambito, CaveTest Srl

Location : Inertia Room
Organized by : Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A.



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