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Logo remtech September, 19th-20th-21st 2018
Opening hours: 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.

Full programme

The new legislation on excavated soils - 1st session

Friday, 23. September 2016, 09:00 - 13:00

9.00 Opening session

Paolo Barberi, ANPAR


9.15 The new regulation on excavated materials

Andrea Martelli, Chilosi Martelli - Studio Legale Associato


9.50 The point of view of industrial operators

Andrea Bianchi, Confindustria


10.10 Experimental studies and procedures for the control of PUT management

Sara Padulosi, Italferr 


10.30 The use of soil resulting from mechanized excavations as by-products

Eleonora Beccaloni, ISS

Anna Barra Caracciolo, IRSA-CNR

Luisa Patrolecco, IRSA-CNR


10.50 The construction of underground works and the management of the materials excavated with the milling machine as by-products. Practical building yards experience: the gallery of Caltanissetta

Gualtiero Bellomo, Giovanni Magarò, ANAS


Break and visit to the exhibition


11.30 Round table

Vittorio MisanoALIG

Giovanni Magarò, ANAS

Marcello CrucianiANCE

Francesco PedutoCNG

Eleonora BeccaloniISS

Antonello Martino, Italferr

Francesco Ventura, OICE

Location : Inertia Room
Organized by : Giorgio Bressi



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