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Opening hours: 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.

Full programme

GNRAC National Group for Coastal Environmental Research - Special session on the exploitation of marine renewable energies

Friday, 23. September 2016, 14:00 - 18:00

in collaboration with  and with the patronage of  


Presentations competing for the 7th Prize G3 - Coastal Studies


Presentations from the business world, project companies, institutions, public administrations


Feasibility of extraction of energy from wave and sizing of a point absorber converter in the Mediterranean Sea

R. Archetti, A. Moreno Miquel, A. Antonini, University of Bologna

G. Passoni, S. Bozzi, G. Gruosso, Polytechnic of Milan


U-OWC devices embedded in maritime dams for the extraction of energy from wave: pilot plant at the port of Civitavecchia

F. Arena, A. Romolo, G. Malara, V. Fiamma, V. Laface, Mediterranean University


Experiment at sea on a scale model of a U-OWC device

F. Arena, V. Fiamma, V. Laface, G. Malara, A. RomoloMediterranean University


Feasibility of WEC installation in Calabria

F. Aristodemo, eCampus University

D. Algieri Ferraro, P. Veltri, University of Calabria


Preliminary estimate of the combined wave-wind energy potential in the Mediterranean basin

F. Ferrari, G. Besio, L. Mentaschi, F. Cassola, A. MazzinoUniversity of Genoa


Maritime dam for wave energy: pilot plant at the port of Naples

E. Di Lauro, P. Contestabile, D. Vicinanza, Second University of Naples


Design of a multi-function port structure: the OBREC device

G. Palma, S. Mizar Formentin, D. Vicinanza, B. Zanuttigh, University of Bologna

P. Contestabile, Second University of Naples


Conversion of wave energy through pushed buoyancy floodgates: the prototype of the port of Piombino

P. Sammarco, S. Michele, M. d’Errico, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

G. BellottiRome Three University


Wave energy exploitation through a water column oscillation device

I. Simonetti, I. Crema, L. Cappietti, University of Florence


The areas of the Italian seas most suitable for the exploiting of wave energy

V. Vannucchi, D. Pelli, L. Cappietti, University of Florence


Multi-function offshore installations in the Mediterranean

B. Zanuttigh, G. Palma, S. Mizar Formentin, University of Bologna

Location : Coast Room
Organized by : Pierluigi Aminti, Lorenzo Cappietti



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