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Logo remtech September, 19th-20th-21st 2018
Opening hours: 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.

RemTech programme

Remediation technologies of contaminated groundwater

Wednesday, 21. September 2016, 14:30 - 18:30




14.30 Welcome and introduction

Daniele Cazzuffi, CESI S.p.A. (Milan), RemTech 2016 Scientific Committee Coordinator

Gianni Andreottola, Università degli Studi di Trento

Giovanni Pietro Beretta, Università degli Studi di Milano

Mentore Vaccari, Università degli Studi di Brescia



14.40 A project on groundwater reclamation on a large area: an utopia?

F. Pascarella, M.G. Andrisani, M. Fratini, R. Mazzitelli, F. Zampetti, S. Gravino, S. Margiotta, ISPRA (Roma)


14.55 Management and processing of hydro-geological and hydro-chemical data - a rational approach and operational tools

M. Pellegrini, E. Brunetti. M. Marangon, Syndial (San Donato Milanese)


15.10 Management of sites contaminated by hydrocarbons in separate phase (LNAPL): determination of the volume and of the recoverability in accordance with the latest API guidelines

P. Mori, L. Vignali, M. Zaffaroni, ERM Italia (Milan)


15.25 Pilot test of Air Sweep, an innovative methodology of LNAPL phase-change, to reduce the mobility of the product in the free phase

A. De Fina, E. Mangherini, P. Berutti, J. P. Davit, Golder (Torino)


15.40 Permeable Reactive Barriers: analysis about the use of a porous medium to reduce the contamination concentration in groundwater

M. G. Madaffari, A. Laganà, G. Minarini, Petroltecnica (Coriano)


15.55 Biosorption complexes in addressing ecotechnogy tasks

A.V. Khokhlov, Mobius LLC (Ucraina)


16.10 Break and visit to the exhibition


16.30 Field results of emulsified lecithin-based substrates used as ERD treatment of chlorinated solvents and Chromium (VI) in groundwater

A. Leombruni, M. MuellerA. G. Seech, PeroxyChem LLC (USA)


16.45 Treatment of a site contaminated by chlorinated solvents by using a combination of electron donors

M. Carboni, P. Goria, S. Vernocchi, Regenesis (Torino)


17.00 Isotope Monitoring tools to investigate natural attenuation and contaminant sources in brownfield sites - 10 years of practical experience

H. Eisenmann, Isodetect GmbH (Neuherberg, Germany)

A. Fischer, Isodetect GmbH (Leipzig, Germany)


17.15 Natural attenuation assessment of monochlorobenzene at a complex contaminated site by the use of tri-element compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA)

L. Alberti, M. Marchesi, I. Pietrini, Politecnico di Milano

T. Stella, A. Franzetti, Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca

F. de Ferra, G. Carpani, Eni S.p.A. (San Donato Milanese)

D. Antonelli, Syndial (San Donato Milanese)

O. Shouakar-Stash, Isotope Tracer Technologies Inc. (Waterloo, Canada)


17.30 Evolutionary study on remediation technologies aimed at the use of remote control in bioremediation treatments

F. Del Gaia, D. Maccari, S. Roberti, Geuro Geoambiente (Sansepolcro)

C. Conese, CNR IBIMET (Firenze)

G. Urso, Master CTBSI Sapienza Università di Roma


17.45 Demonstrations in the field of nZVI and modified nZVI aquifer rehabilitation

M. Černik, TUL (Czech Republic)


18.00 In situ chemical reduction/enhanced reductive dehalogenation and deep air sparging

I. Bona, S. Borchert, L. Colella, M. Cremonesi, A. Taverna, A. Tognoni, CH2M Hill srl (San Donato Milanese)



18.15 Discussion and concluding remarks


18.30 Conference closure

Location : Plenary Room
Organized by : Gianni Andreottola, Giovanni Pietro Beretta, Mentore Vaccari



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