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Logo remtech September, 19th-20th-21st 2018
Opening hours: 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.

RemTech programme

Innovative characterization techniques and background values

Thursday, 22. September 2016, 09:30 - 13:30




Opening remarks

9.30 Welcome addreess and introduction

Daniele Cazzuffi, CESI S.p.A. (Milan), RemTech 2016 Scientific Committee Coordinator

Marco Falconi, ISPRA



9.40 On-site analytical techniques for heavy metals mobility determination in soils: proposal for innovative approaches

Giovanna Armiento, Massimo Angelone, Maria Rita Montereali, Elisa Nardi, ENEA


9.55 Advances in the FROG-4000: an innovative approach to VOC determination in the field

Patrick Lewis, Douglas Adkins, George Dulleck, Gary Fuehrer, Robert Sanchez, FKV


10.10 LDPE passive samplers application for soil gas sampling and comparison to active sampling systems

Raffaella Borrelli, Eni

Luciano Zaninetta, Syndial

Renato Baciocchi, Iason Verginelli, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”


10.25 Lessons learned from passive soil gas sampling to identify source zones

Pieter Dijkshoorn, Piero Mori, Mattia Cappelletti Zaffaroni, ERM


10.40Multidisciplinary weight of evidence model for ecological risk assessment in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems

Giuseppe d’Errico, Università Politecnica delle Marche

Marco Abbiati, University of Bologna

Fulvio Onorati, David Pellegrini, ISPRA

Francesco Regoli, Università Politecnica delle Marche


10.55 XRF-CPT Technology: functioning principles and application to a real case

Claudio Sandrone, BAW Environmental

Eugen Martac, Fugro Consult GmbH


11.10 High resolution site characterization: the continuous innovation of "direct imaging" technologies for high resolution characterization of contaminated sites

Mario Sunseri, Marco Lupi, S.G.M. Geologia e Ambiente


11.25 Break and visit to the exhibition


11.45 Background value guidelines - Activity of WG19 of Environmental Protection National System (aka SNPA)




12.00 Organic and inorganic micropollutants: from emerging pollutants to background values

Maria Rosaria Boni, Agostina Chiavola, University La Sapienza


12.15 Halogenated compounds survey on Florence plain to define diffuse contamination background values

Alberto Doni, Stefano Menichetti, ARPAT


12.30 Asbestos and background values: criticities and perspectives

Emanuele Scotti, Gianluca Beccaris, ARPAL


12.45 Background values determination: complex relationship with geology (case study of South-East Sardinia)

Maurizio Guerra, ISPRA

Valeria Buceti, Aeronautica Militare



13.00 Discussion and concluding remarks


13.30 Conference closure

Location : Red Room
Organized by : Marco Falconi, Marco Roverati, Luca Marchesi, Guido Paliaga, Laura Balocchi, Daniele Montecchio



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